asbestos consultancy

With a team of professionally trained and qualified asbestos consultants and surveyors, JD Consultancy can provide complete Risk Assessment and management for all your asbestos and contaminated materials, to ensure you are in full compliance with occupational and environmental safety regulations.
We can carry out asbestos management for a variety of works, including:

Some of our customers include: Savill’s, National Trust, as well as a number of Schools and Government Agencies. Through high-quality service, excellent reputation, and continuous recommendation through word-of mouth our client base continues to grow.
This can be carried out across a diverse range of sectors, including:

  • Local authorities
  • Leisure facilities
  • Facilities management
  • Education
  • Housing associations
  • Retail
  • NHS
  • MOD
  • Utilities (gas, water, electric, nuclear etc.)
  • Some of our previous clients to date include Savills Estate Agents, The National Trust,

    asbestos surveys

    We pride ourselves on our fast services, and our surveyors can be with you as urgently as you require.

    All of our surveys are conducted in lines with in house operating procedures as well as HSE guidance HSG264. Our expert surveyors will locate, identify, and analyse all asbestos containing materials (ACMs), and will carry out a full risk assessment of the building before and further investigations commence.

    Once our asbestos surveys proceed, we will identify the location, condition, type and extent of risk of any ACMs on the premises and provide you with a suitable recommended management plan.

    The risks involved in your asbestos management will vary dependent upon the circumstances and condition of the asbestos, and whether any asbestos has been inadvertently disturbed during investigation, refurbishment or demolition.

    The risk assessment we provide will be used for our asbestos consultants to products an asbestos management plan, with records and details of action needed to reduce and manage the risks of further contamination.

    Our asbestos surveying can cater for any precautionary asbestos investigations or suspected asbestos, found or disturbed asbestos, asbestos contaminated air vents/ducts, and pre-demolition or pre-refurbishment asbestos surveys.

    We can also provide thorough re-inspection asbestos surveys, which are designed to allow premise managers to record and monitor any previously identified asbestos contamination within the building. This will ensure that all asbestos contamination was dealt with safely during removal and all safety regulations are and laws are adhered to

    awareness Training

    Asbestos awareness is a legal requirement for many business managers/owners, under the Control Of Asbestos Regulations. This is a requirement for the self-employed as well as employees, for all levels of organisations, including managers, directors, and other personnel.

    Asbestos Awareness Training within your business is particularly important if you are working in a building built prior to 2000.

    Asbestos awareness training is also advisable for any professionals at risk of disturbing asbestos containing materials during their normal work.

    This includes but is not limited to:

    • Plumbers
    • Roofing contractors
    • Heating and ventilation engineers
    • Carpenters, joiners and construction workers
    • Demolition workers
    • Gas fitters
  • Computer installers
  • Shop fitters
  • Cable layers and electricians
  • General maintenance staff